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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Online Poll Results

If you follow our online polls and are wondering the final results, here they are for the last five weeks. Weeks prior are on previous blogs.

Have you scaled back your holiday shopping by
50 percent or less (59 percent agreed)
None (19 percent agreed)
25 percent or less (15 percent agreed)
10 percent or less (7 percent agreed)
73 votes cast

Which types of Web sites do you frequent the most
News (66 percent)
Sports (18 percent)
Entertainment (8 percent)
Shopping (8 percent)
65 votes cast

What do you like to watch on television
Dramas (34 percent)
News (29 percent)
Reality Shows (20 percent)
Sitcoms (18 percent)
80 votes cast

What are you thankful for

Family and friends (57 percent)
Employment (30 percent)
Good health (11 percent)
Community (2 percent)
44 votes cast

What's your Christmas wish
Cure for cancer (37 percent)
Healthy and happiness (27 percent)
World peace (24 percent)
End to poverty (13 percent)
63 votes cast



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