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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Results of Recent Web Polls

If you're curious about our recent polls, here are the results of the last five of them:
What's your favorite Thanksgiving side dish
Stuffing: 54 percent; 71 votes
Mashed potatoes: 17 percent; 23 votes
Cranberry sauce: 17 percent; 22 votes
Green bean casserole: 12 percent; 16 votes
*132 total votes

How do you spend Thanksgiving
At home with family: 51 percent; 62 votes
Visiting family: 32 percent; 39 votes
Restaurants and hotel buffets: 13 percent; 16 votes
Serving people in need: 3 percent; 4 votes
*121 total votes

Where do you prefer to shop
Local merchants' shops downtown: 33 percent; 21 votes
Big-box retailers: 30 percent; 21 votes
Discount clubs: 19 percent; 12 votes
Online: 17 percent; 11 votes
*63 total votes

Which Web site do you use the most
Facebook: 82 percent; 71 votes
Twitter: 13 percent; 11 votes
MySpace: 5 percent; 4 votes
Blogger: 1 percent; 1 vote
*87 total votes

When do you start your holiday shopping
Before Thanksgiving: 37 percent; 28 votes
After Thanksgiving: 22 percent; 22 votes
December: 22 percent; 17 votes
Christmas Eve: 12 percent; 9 votes
*76 total votes

Do you have any ideas for poll questions? Let us know:



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