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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Results from our Web polls

The results of our last three online polls:
Which is most important to you:
A) Good Schools, 37 percent
B) Good Roads, 8 percent
C) Low Taxes, 30 percent
D) Public Safety, 34 percent
A total of 136 votes cast

Which will have the best football record this season:
A) University of Michigan, 58 percent
B) Michigan State University, 33 percent
C) Eastern Michigan University, 5 percent
D) Detroit Lions, 4 percent
A total of 102 votes cast

Which government entity do you pay the most attention to:
A) City government, 44 percent
B) Township government, 16 percent
C) County government, 4 percent
D) State government, 36 percent
A total of 50 votes cast



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