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Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's been a long time, my dear friends

Bonjour, mon amis...

Sorry I haven't been posting as of late. I've been cheating on you with that blog over there. It couldn't be helped. I was charged up about starting something new and exciting, and I got in bed with a bunch of other sports writers. I also didn't have a choice, and went about creating this sports blog for my team all by my 20-something lonesome. Ah, to be young and tech savvy.

But in the end we all come crawling back, don't we? Especially when we have totally unimportant and unimpressive, yet quirky, things to share with non-sports people. So here I am.

And what better way could I convince you of my loyalty than to share some of the various mishaps and turning points in jana world. Let me tell you, it's been a crazy couple of weeks. Probably nothing compared to what Miss Cleolinda has been dealing with, but hectic enough for my mind to handle...

So a few weeks ago, after returning from my vacation (which I believe might have been my most recent post on this news feed)... things changed. At that point, I was happy and free and tan, and nothing could stop me. Then I was faced with the daunting task of packing all my stuff (and trust me, there's a lot of stuff) to move into a new apartment. I've moved every single year for the past six years, so in a way I'm used to it and sort of have it down pat. HOWEVER, that was when I was moving my stuff for me. Now I've moved in with an entirely different person who has (gasp!) all their own stuff.

so yeah, I had a week to pack, and then I moved on the last Wednesday of August to a new place in Ann Arbor. and amid all that my brother was in town from Georgia, I was trying to spend lots of time with my family (not something I don't enjoy, mind you), and I had friends coming in and out of town while I was trying to unpack and get my life in order. Now any of my close friends can tell you that my happiness does not rely on things, but my state of mind certainly depends on the comfort of knowing where my things are. AKA moving is a stress when I can't find my checkbook/calendar/vitamins/medications/scotch tape/stickies/PENS/shot glasses.

But it's ok. Because now I'm unpacked, and the art has been hung, and my life is back in order. Just in time for fall. Oh, glorious fall. It's exciting, to be sure, and hopefully I'll get to some UofM games here and there. I will also be traveling to visit my recently-moved buddy Rachel at her new out-of-state home so we can see the NEW MOON MIDNIGHT PREMIERE. We're going to be nerdy and make wolf pack t-shirts. It's going to be glorious. And I'll be bigger than ALL you middle schoolers! Boo-ya!

So that's life right now. Welcome back to it. Perhaps now that things have cooled down I'll post some favorite fall recipes, because man am I cooking up a storm in this new place!


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