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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Saturday filled with cars galore!

I spent last Saturday at the Backstreet Cruizer's Milan Carfest and was amazed at how many cars were there. One of the coordinators told me there were 130 cars viewable to the public. Now I will admit, I don't know too much about automobiles, but as I walked down row after row of cars it was interesting to look inside each of them. Plus, there weren't only cars there,a few pickup trucks could be found too. I personally enjoyed seeing a few newer models of the Ford mustangs, very nice looking cars if you ask me. But beyond the vehicles, I enjoyed the people I talked to. Hearing their stories about their cars, it was interesting to hear. It was a very organized car show, which many of the people I talked to said that's what has brought them back year after year. And after attending, I can definitely see why!


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