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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where did all the kids go?

Last Thursday, I spent the majority of my afternoon in Milan working on stories for this week. I had been looking through the Milan Parks and Recreation brochure and noticed there were many summer programs being offered. I decided I would go to a summer mini camp and cover it. Then I would focus on the summer programs as a whole. Well, as it turns out my plan turned out to be unsuccessful. The camp that I was planning on covering was canceled, but as I soon found out from Milan's Parks and Rec program coordinator, Ellen Bell, many of the summer programs were canceled. My immediate thought was "now what do I do?" I was amazed to hear that there was such a low turn out, that classes couldn't be offered. One can only assume, the low turn out may have to do with this economy, but you never know. I mean it's the middle of summer, kids like to have something to do, otherwise they will more than likely get bored. As I started asking more questions I realized I already had my story. Obviously, my story wasn't an upbeat one but I felt it would be a good idea to get the word out on what the parks and rec department has to offer. Hopefully they will get more community interest.


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