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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Holy Fourth of July

There are three things I really love about the Fourth of July.

Thing #1 is that television producers replay the old Saved by the Bell 4th of July episode where Kelly beats Lisa, Jessi and the little country club witch in the holiday beauty pageant because she is OBVIOUSLY way prettier and knows more about what the purpose of the holiday is supposed to be. It's a really great episode in which Zack Morris has outstanding, quaffed hair.

Thing #2 is fireworks. You aren't American if you don't like explosions, and fireworks are perfectly "safe" explosions that celebrate our heritage in the best way we know how. Fire!!!! Blast!!!! Lights!!! Check your local newspapers for firework shows near you. I know Comerica Park always does some, which is where I was on the 4th last year. This year I will be doing something slightly different and more hippie-like.

Which brings me to Thing #3, the ability to plan getaways. Sure, traveling might stink over the next few days and there are bound to be some road ragers out there... but I think we could all really, really use a vacation. Time to see some friends, eat some pasta salad, and celebrate some weekend freedom. It's particularly exciting for me because A) I usually work on the weekends, and this is one of my few outs for that, and B) I will be attending the Rothbury Music Festival in Rothbury Michigan with a bunch of yuppies and hippies and other -ies. I might stand out just a bit, given my wardrobe and general outlook on life, but I expect it to be a dang good time.

So whatever you decide to do this Independence Day weekend, do it with a smile and don't forget what we're celebrating. Sometimes it's easy to forget, but we really are incredibly blessed to live in the country that we do... even if things seem not so hot right now. Cheers, America!

For those of you who do NOT have plans and are in need of some 4th of July weekend ideas... here are a few.

1. Watch Independence Day for Will Smith's one-liners ("Now that's what I call a close encounter.")

2. Go to the pool. Don't forget sunscreen though. I hear that spending time around water is therapeutic, and if I wasn't attending the music fest I would be in Irish Hills with my boyfriend and his friends... drinking beer, sitting on pontoons, wake boarding, riding jet skis and tubing.

3. Attend a BBQ. The very best pulled pork and ribs recipes always come out of the woodwork on this very special long weekend. Find some family or friends hosting one such BBQ and RSVP ASAP.


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