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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Picnic in the Park Packed with Fun

Despite the oppressive heat today, Milan's Community Picnic was a success as dozens of local residents came to Wilson Memorial Park. One of the highlights -- and a break from the heat -- was a sea of rain courtesy of the Milan Area Fire Department as Mark Evans, 13, under the watchful eye of his father, Milan Fire Department Lt. Fred Evans. Mark used the hose to spray a group of children who played in the water.

Fred's daughter, Amber, donned a blue bathing suit and was the first to get a soaking. She was quickly joined by Alex McLaughlin of Monroe and a group of children. Alex, who taunted Mark and dared him to spray him, while dancing across the open parkland, dodging droplets of water, was hilarious.

But that wasn't all the picnic had to offer. A three-legged race included Ypsilanti residents Devyn and Carlos Carthage, as well as other children and adults. They seemed to have a lot of fun. Next up was an old-fashioned potato sack race. I captured Carter VanHaren, Alex and Devyn in one shot, and a really cute photo of Heaven Riggs and her 2-year-old daughter, Mackenzie Perez of Dundee, in the race.

Of course what's a picnic without food. At the grill was Marty Ritchie, feeding a long line of hungry people. Alex, who was visiting his grandma in Milan, had a big plate full of food. I also met Stacy Johnson, William Riggs, Tracey Riggs and Kelsey Rafferty, who also enjoyed the hot dogs, baked beans and chips.

Check out video of the event on our Web site. Click on the link in the upper left-hand corner of our home page. It should be up by Monday morning.

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