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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Saline Swarm attendance is a buzz kill

I've noticed that the Saline Swarm no longer plays a major role in basketball games. Perhaps I'm too hard on the group that is intended to mirror Michigan's Maize Rage. It was my fellow classmates who originally came up with the idea and marketed it through DECA. But in the games I have attended of the boys' and girls' varsity basketball teams since returning to Saline, that Swarm attendance has majorly fizzled since my days at SHS.

I'm not sure if attendance is down because the Swarm wasn't their idea and was therefore just another thing on the list of possibilities for participation, or if this particular class of students are not interested in supporting athletics. I also wonder whether or not the new school is somewhat to blame.

I've asked several current students, graduated students and current faculty about their thoughts on the brand-spanking-new high school, and most of them had this to say... "you don't see anyone." With all the school's floors and wings, I do wonder how students are able to organize effectively. In the old school, everyone passed by the same places every day, every hour. In the new school students and faculty can go all week before needing to venture into another area of the building. The cafeteria is the only truly common area, and it isn't even a room.

This puts students in a unique situation where self-motivation is incredibly important. Student group leaders now must have the initiative to go further in order to organize the entire class. Organizing facebook groups, events and emails to the rest of the student body is one option. The morning announcements is another.

But I guess at the end of the day, it isn't the school building's fault, it's the students. Perhaps they just aren't interested anymore. Maybe attending games is "out," in which case they'll have some learning to do on their college campuses. Being a fan can't be taught, and it shouldn't have to be. So, please, let the real fans stand up and show themselves. And if you won't, please educate me as to what everyone prefers to do with their after-school time instead.


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