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Monday, January 5, 2009

Resolution update

We're almost a full week into 2009, and I've already seen both progress and failure in the five resolutions I set for myself not long ago. They are listed a few entries below, but for those too lazy to scroll, my five resolutions were: 1) read more, 2) Type "moot" instead of "mute", 3) regain my athleticism, 4) resist the draw of Dota and WoW, and 5) successfully train Princeton the puggle pup.

To be brief, I have already failed No. 4, which is the most troublesome because I actually hadn't played in about two months. It seems that making the resolution made the idea of playing even more appealing. Plus, my boyfriend decided to pick it up again... and misery loves company. I just can't kick my addiction when my go-to man is begging me to join in!

However, I am doing swimmingly in the others so far. I made some major book purchases at Borders yesterday and am tickled pink about it. Princeton also hasn't had an accident yet (knock on wood), I included "moot" in my column and I'm planning to sign up for a few fitness classes later today. Should be great...

We'll see how long it all lasts.


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