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Thursday, January 22, 2009

so much snow!!

Good afternoon, community. Our city is suffering. The snow is everywhere and it is lonely. Those millions and trillions of flakes need a purpose. They need meaning. They need to be made into snowmen.

That's right! Snowmen! It's an age-old pastime that should be taken advantage of this winter season, considering the remarkable number of giant snowfalls we've had. I know there is a family on Saline Ann Arbor Rd. pulling its weight, because they had about five in their front yard at one point. It was like their own little guardian army.

Before it all melts away, take advantage of your surroundings and make a day of it. Take the kids out for some family bonding. Invite a love interest for a simply romantic date. Or go out with some friends for bonding and exercise. It sure beats running on a treadmill or renting another movie.


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