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Monday, December 27, 2010

The Dreaded New Year's Resolution

Quite a few people I know make personal resolutions around the New Year, some obligating themselves to more healthful practices, while others become devoted to nixing bad habits.
This is fairly common, even prompting cliche jokes about the prevalence of folks breaking such pledges by February.
I hear much less, however, about people resolving to better the communities they live in, or some small portion of them, as their game plan for January and beyond.
This thought prompted me to ask, here in blog form, if there are any of you out there in Saline and Milan who feel passionately about making a real difference in some way in 2011.
If you have made a New Year's resolution of this kind, get in touch with me at
I know you're out there, as I have met some extraordinarily giving people in both of these great cities.



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