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Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday parades in Saline and Milan

Doing the preview articles for the holiday parades in Saline and Milan made me think back on all of the parades I've been to over the years, both as a child and into my adult life.

I've had many wonderful experiences, such as the one my wife and I enjoyed in Detroit last week as we went to the Thanksgiving Day Parade with my mom and dad.

The temperatures were quite fine that day for late November, and the projected rain held off so as to make for near ideal conditions.

The assortment of floats, balloons, bands and the like were all fantastic as well.
Memories of times such as these seem burn themselves into my brain the way few others do, and made me wonder what parades and related holiday events of years' past have stuck with you?

A collaboration of memories would make for a wonderful article for an edition around the new year.

If you have thoughts, memories, photographs and the like that you want to share, please email me at


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