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Monday, March 23, 2009

Your sports writer proves her brilliancy Part 2

... and apparently that brilliancy level might dwindle in the coming days. I've fallen significally over the weekend in my pool. I was once in third... I'm now somewhere around 34, counting all the ties above me. It's a large pool.

The death of me so far was three mistakes in a row. I predicted Texas would upset Duke, which of course didn't happen... but I still have a chance since I have Villanova defeating the winner of that round... so all is not lost.

I also never expected Purdue to win against Washington. I underestimated Purdue's momentum, given that they had just won the Big Ten tournament. I'm ashamed.

My other loss last weekend (it was a rough Saturday evening with a lot of crying and temper tantrums) was the Marquette-Missouri game. That was another upset of mine that had much more to do with my feelings than my brain.

HOWEVER, I'm not dead yet. All of my top eight teams are still in it to win it, and bracket standings can change in an instant. This is where it gets good... From now on I care only for Pittsburgh, Villanova, N. Carolina, Oklahoma, Louisville, Kansas, Connecticut, and Memphis. If my bracket is going to go wrong from here... it will most likely be the fault of either Michigan State (Kansas) or Texas (Villanova).

Come on, teams... mama wants a new pair of shoes!


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