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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Your sports writer proves her brilliancy Part 1

The madness that is March has begun, and we are first-round deep into the tourney. I just wanted to share with my readers what my bracket looks like. As of right now, it has me in third place in my pool... I'm pretty stoked. I could. go. all. the. way.

First round:

Louisville def. Morehead St.
Siena def. Ohio St.
Utah def. Arizona (got this wrong)
Wake Forest def. Cleveland St (got this wrong, along with the rest of America)
West Virginia University def. Dayton (got this wrong... ok getting three wrong in a row looks bad, but it's money from here...)
Kansas def. N. Dakota State
USC def. Boston College
Mich. State def. Robert Morris

UConn def. Chattanooga
TexA&M def. BYU
Purdue def. Northern Iowa
Washington def. Mississippi St.
Marquette def. Utah St.
Missouri def. Cornell
U. of Maryland def. California
Memphis def. CS Northridge

Pitt def. E Tennessee St.
Tennessee def. Oklahoma St (got this wrong)
Florida State def. Wisconsin (got this wrong, too)
Xavier def. Portland St.
Villanova def. American
Texas def. Minnesota
Duke def. Binghamton
UNC def. Radford
Louisiana St. def. Butler
Illinois def. W. Kentucky
Gonzaga def. Akron
Arizona St. def. Temple
Syracuse def. Stephen Austin
Michigan def. Clemson
Oklahoma def. Morgan State

So in summary, i did really well for the first round and was actually tied for first and second throughout. Now into the sweet 16...

Louisville def. Siena
Wake Forest def. Utah (since Wake Forest is out, this round is already gone)
Kansas def. W. Virginia (since WVU lost to Dayton, I'm really counting on Kansas to hold their seed)
Mich State def. USC

UConn def. TexA&M
Washington def. Purdue (might be close... Purdue big ten champs...)
Marquette def. Missouri (one of my few sweet 16 upsets)
Memphis def. Maryland

Pitt def. Tennessee (Tennessee lost to Oklahoma St, but I'm not that worried about Pitt losing to either at the moment)
Xavier def. Florida State (another situation where half of the game is wrong, but if Xavier holds their seed I'm money)
Villanova def. UCLA (this is where most people have Villanova falling... there are some rumors going around that Villanova only plays well in the tourney when they're ranked low, but I have faith... they'll be going far for me)
Texas def. Duke (my biggest upset in the sweet 16. duke is overrated and still floating on the success of seasons past)

UNC def. LSU
Illinois def. Gonzaga (well, they're out, so moot)
Syracuse def. Arizona St.
Oklahoma def. Michigan

My top eight are:

Louisville def. Wake Forest (hold that seed!)
Kansas def. Mich State (take that Spartans)
UConn def. Washington
Memphis def. Marquette

Pitt def. Xavier
Villanova def. Texas
UNC def. Illinois (hold that seed!)
Oklahoma def. Syracuse (could be close)

The final four:

Louisville def. Kansas
UConn def. Memphis
Villanova def. Pitt (SURPRISE!)
UNC def. Oklahoma

Final TWO:

Louisville vs. UNC



Good luck in your brackets. Mine could tank soon, but I'll continue to try to prove my worth as your sports writer in the coming days... updates to follow...


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