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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Here comes spring..

I've woken up at least three times now to birds chirping. That has to mean something. I know in Michigan it probably doesn't mean very much, but it gets me excited about what it would mean someplace else: that spring is almost here!

As a sports writer, I am particularly excited to see the seasons change. While my favorite spectator sport, hockey, happens to take place in the winter... my favorite participatory sports take place during the warmer months. Since I play both golf and tennis, I am stoked at the opportunity to once again cover those teams. Perhaps I'll even get out on the links and hard courts myself, for a change. Challengers are welcome.

Here are a few of the other things I look forward to with spring...
Rain, galoshes, tea roses and daisies, sunlight, long walks outside, tshirts, sandals and open-toed heels, foliage other than pine tree needles, Easter, golfing, spring fashions (J.Crew and Banana Republic always release their best items during the spring), Victoria's Secret swimsuits, warmer weather birds, taking Princeton for a walk without having to climb over snow banks, grilling burgers outside, my community's hot tub and swimming pool, summer blockbusterish movies, tennis, bicycling, and the smell of the air!


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