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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

4-H volunteers, youth recognized

The Washtenaw County 4-H program recently recognized its members, volunteers and community supports. Below is a press release from the organization that we unfortunately don't have room for in the newspaper. There are a few from the Saline and Milan area.


Washtenaw County 4-H Recognizes Volunteers and Youth Participants

WASHTENAW COUNTY, MI- Washtenaw County 4-H members, adult volunteers and community supporters were honored at the annual 4-H Recognition Program held on Saturday, January 18, 2009 at the Washtenaw County Farm Council Grounds. Special guests, County Commissioner Mark Ouimet from District 1 and County Commissioner Jessica Ping from District 3 helped present select awards. The following 4-H members were recognized for their accomplishments in various project areas:

2008 County Project Medal Winners
Achievement – Jamie Innis, Dexter and Keith Tenerowicz, Canton
Aerospace – John Figarra, Ypsilanti
Agriculture – Garrett Fischer, Dexter
Beef – Katelyn Horning, Manchester, Amanda Johnson, Chelsea & Kyle Olberg, Saline
Cavy – Sheri Robbins, Chelsea
Citizenship – Montana Cohn, South Lyon and Keith Tenerowicz,Canton
Clothing & Textiles – Courtney Cook, Dexter; Karis Kanitz, Milan & Ashley Thomas of Ypsilanti
Community Service – Willow Cohn, South Lyon; Jennifer Kohler, Saline; Andrea Meade, Livonia and Amy Moorman of Dexter
Dairy - Kyle Olberg, Saline
Demonstrations – Willow Cohn, South Lyon
Engines & Tractors – Jordan Bird, Saline
Fashion Revue – Emma Golding, Manchester
Food & Nutrition – Amy Jedele, Saline
Hobbies & Collections – Jamie Innis, Dexter
Goats – Aaron Johnson, Cody Robbins and Amanda Johnson all of Chelsea
Hobbies – Ashley Thomas, Ypsilanti
Horse – Molly Buis, South Lyon; Kimber Creteau, Dexter and Kristen Walters, Plymouth
Lamp of Knowledge - Krickett Luckhardt, Dexter
Leadership – Heather Cook, Emily Hattie, Jamie Innis of Dexter & Patti Vaassen, Saline
Personal Development – Emily Hattie, Dexter; Cody Robbins, Chelsea & Kristen Walters, Plymouth
Poultry – Grace Benton, Chelsea & Montana Cohn, South Lyon
Rabbits – Camille Figarra, Ypsilanti; Sheri Robbins, Chelsea & Janet Zalucha, Dexter
Sheep – Courtney Cook, Dexter; Sara Girbach and Jennifer Kohler, Saline
Swine – Jeff Baldus & Garrett Fischer, Dexter; Katelyn Horning, Manchester & Aaron Johnson, Chelsea
Vet Science – Molly Buis, South Lyon
Visual Arts – Jessie Rogers, Saline
Wood Science – Emma Golding, Manchester; Casey Hirth, Chelsea; Karis Kanitz, Milan and Andrea Meade, Livonia

One of the most prestigious youth awards, the Danforth Leadership Award was presented to Montana Cohn of South Lyon, Heather Cook and Emily Hattie of Dexter, and Keith Tenerowicz of Canton. This award recognized teens for their emerging leadership and motivation.

Twelve Washtenaw County youth were inducted as Junior Master Gardeners. To become a Junior Master Gardener, youth must complete twenty hours of instruction and donate ten hours of volunteer work in their communities. The 2008 Jr. Master Gardeners were: Alex Drain, John Florczak, Zeid Juma, Kateri Lelii, Jonathan Meier, Katie Riles, Lizzie Riles, Emma Rose, Emily Rose, Benedict Rusell, Arianna Spoor and Yoshio Wagner.

Fifteen Washtenaw County youth were inducted as 4-H Ambassadors for 2009: Shannon Bater of Chelsea, Molly Buis, of South Lyon, Melanie Burchett of Chelsea, Ellie Burt of South Lyon, Meghan Carpenter of Stockbridge, Melanie Clark of Dexter, Courtney Cook of Dexter, Melissa Cousino of Manchester, Kimber Creteau of Dexter, Allison Ferguson of Ann Arbor, Alexandra Greaves of Saline, Riley Ravary of Ypsilanti, David Reynhout of Chelsea, Ashley Thomas of Ypsilanti and Malaika Whitney of Ann Arbor.

Club Spirit Awards went to many young members for their enthusiasm, involvement and sportsmanship. They were:
Kennedy Aldrich, Chelsea Mason Horning,Manchester Bill Poet, Saline
Shelby Barnes, Dexter Natalie Horning,Manchester Robert Rasch, Manchester
Trent Barnes, Dexter Angela Jedele, Saline Adam Reynolds, Chelsea
Grant Bater, Chelsea Jordon Kanitz, Milan Amanda Richardson,Ypsilanti
Tyler Bauer, Saline Robert Kanitz, Milan Andrew Richardson,Ypsilanti
Maya Bieszki, Ann Arbor Laura Kapanowski, Chelsea Joshua Richardson,Ypsilanti
Annalie Borowicz,Ann Arbor Jacob Kern, Chelsea Colleen Roberts,Tecumseh
Elizabeth Boyce, Chelsea MaKenna Kern, Chelsea Michelle Roberts, Tecumseh
Amanda, Breuninger, Dexter Morgan Kern, Chelsea Brooke Robison, Saline
Zeke Breuninger, Dexter Angela King, South Lyon Allison Rochowiak,Dexter
Veronica Buschhaus, Ann Arbor Anna Marie King, South Lyon Blake Rogers, Clinton
Maurice Coman, Northville Katia Koerner, Saline Ryan Rogers, Clinton
Miranda Coman, Northville Korbyn Koerner, Saline Emma Rose, Saline
Samantha Dicks, Saline Dean Kuebler, Saline Sofia Rose, Saline
Chad Ehnis, Whitmore Lake Ciara Lesko, Chelsea Abby Salata, Whitmore Lake
Madison Even, Dexter Athena Lewandowski,South Lyon Casey Schmenk, Milan
Tayler Even, Dexter Alyssa Luckhardt, Saline Roy Schmidt, Chelsea
Corinne Figarra, Ypsilanti Taylor Luckhardt, Dexter Robert Sloan, Pinckney
Emma Ford, Saline Olivia McCalla, Chelsea Hollly Smith, Ann Arbor
Matthew Genereaux, Saline Abby Rose McLean, Dexter Rachael Snyder, Chelsea
Rachel Genereaux, Saline Alison McLean, Dexter Emily Sparks, Jackson
Beka Gilmore, Britton Cailin McLean, Dexter Erika Stetler, Manchester
Josie Gilmore, Britton Kristen Meade, Livonia Jackquelyn Stokes, Ypsilanti
Caroline Golding, Manchester Adam Melcher, South Lyon Samantha Stokes, Ypsilanti
Ryan Groves, Ann Arbor Allison Melcher, South Lyon Lilly Teachout, Dexter
Avalon Guenther, Dexter Andrew Milkey,Chelsea Kali Wealch, Whitmore Lake
Robert Guenther, Dexter Jordan Moll, Whitmore Lake Rachel Weidmayer,Ann Arbor
Madison Heath, Milan Sarah Moll, Whitmore Lake Sara Weldon, Whitmore Lake
Nathan Heath, Milan Sierra Moran, Whitmore Lake Trevor Wells, Ann Arbor
Megan Heydlauff,Chelsea Viktor Morris-Giraud,Dexter Hannah Wing, Dexter
Emily Hicks, Dexter MacKenzie O’Connor, Ann Arbor Nathaniel Wing, Dexter
Hannah Hicks, Dexter Amanda Paciorka, Dexter Ethan Young, Dexter
Katie Hicks, Dexter Hayden Pitts, Ann Arbor Megan Young, Saline
Shannon Hicks, Dexter Richard Poet, Saline Taelor Young, Saline

Volunteers completing 1, 5, 10, 20, 25 and 30 years of leadership to 4-H were honored for their dedication.
Recipients of First Year 4-H Volunteer Leadership Pins (name, and school district listed)

Janet Adelmann, Ann Arbor Debra Koch, Dexter
Cynthia Andrews, Ann Arbor Leslie Kucinskas, Saline
Jane Barnes, Grass Lake Sandra LaCruze, Whitmore Lake
Julie Bauer, Chelsea Judy McCammon, Ypsilanti
Brenda Betts, Ann Arbor Laurie Moll, Whitmore Lake
Roxana Block, Chelsea Julie Owdziej, Ann Arbor
Barbara Bowman, Ann Arbor Betty Recker, Ypsilanti
Beth Chamberlain, Chelsea Dawna Rice, Manchester
Kimberly Clavier, Grass Lake Allan Rochowiak, Dexter
Theresa Dayus, Ann Arbor James Smith, Ypsilanti
Barbara Eversole, Manchester Lisa Stacey, Dexter
Catherine Henderson, Ann Arbor Mark Summerville, Milan
Ann Juma-Stephenson, Ann Arbor Shelly Verbal, Whitmore Lake
Karen Kanitz, Milan Amanda Walz, Mancherster
Jill Weldon, Ann Arbor

Five Year Volunteer Leadership (name, and school district listed)

Ann Blovits, Saline Virginia Litwin, Manchester
Jay Blovits, Saline Kathy Miller, Dexter
Rebecca Bohnett, Saline Diane Teneriwicz, Canton
Grace Greaves, Saline Jennifer West, South Lyon

Ten Year Volunteer Leadership (name, and school district listed)

Robert Baldus, Whitmore Lake Leonard McCalla, Grass Lake
Martin Cohn, South Lyon Leonard McCalla, Grass Lake
Cindy Fischer, Dexter Sue Rodgers, Dexter
Diane Hammond, Saline Pam Sarlitto, Canton
Cricket Killen, Ann Arbor Melissa Sullivan, Plymouth
Nancy Kohler, Clinton Jennifer Tykoski, South Lyon
Ann Warner, Ann Arbor

Twenty Year Volunteer Leadership(name, and school district listed)

David Field, Ann Arbor
Mary Sue Gothard, South Lyon

Twenty-five Year Volunteer Leadership(name, and school district listed)
John Bihlmeyer, Manchester

Thirty Year Volunteer Leadership(name, and school district listed)
Steve Thelen, Saline

The Key Club award was presented to Heather Cook of Dexter and Patti Vaassen of Saline for outstanding performance as a 4-H teen participating in District and State 4-H events, teen leadership project, three or more years as a 4-H member in two or more project areas and with a 4-H leader recommendation.

Diane & Earl Horning of Manchester and Bill Lutz of Saline were recognized by the Washtenaw County 4-H Program as the 4-H Alumni of the Year, signifying their life-time 4-H involvement and service to this community.

Several community supporters of the 4-H program received the Meritorious Service/Friend of 4-H Award. They were: Robert Bricault, Dexter; Thelma Crawford, Ann Arbor; Einstein Brothers Bagels, Plymouth; Life Support Services, Ann Arbor and District I, County Commissioner Mark Ouimet.

4-H Angel recognition was given to Sandee Sheets of Saline and Carol Figarra of Ypsilanti.

The program concluded with the presentation of the 4-H Leader of the Year: Susan Zalucha of Dexter.


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