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Monday, February 9, 2009

I was freaking, but not like that

I was one of the dozen or so chaperones at the Saline High School Winter Dance on Saturday evening where a few hundred students were getting down on the dance floor. Now, in my day, that just didn't mean what it does now.
Once the lights dimmed and the music cranked up, these kids got seriously down. I mean, there were gyrating hips pressing hard against other pulsating hips. The boys were pumping it, snugged up against the back-sides of the girls. Excuse me for not watching MTV at all during the last decade. I had no idea this is how kids dance now. I saw some prim and proper girls and downright nerdy boys performing serious pelvic thrusts.
Along with school administrators and staff, I walked across the dance floor, suggesting kids leave just breath of space between the booties.
Call me old-fashioned (though nobody who knows me would), but I was shocked. Mom and Dad, have you seen the way kids dance? Did you know it's common for the boyfriend or date to jam his body into the back of the girl's body, reaching his hands around her, "resting" his open palms on the front of her hips?
Well, there you go. I came away from the dance feeling:

1/ relieved my 17-year old daughter hates that kind of music and wouldn't attend
2/ scared that my younger daughter might
3/ scarred for life
4/ feeling really, really ancient and old-fashioned

But, I guess the kids "freakin" (the term used to describe kind of dance, as our adorable, young admin here at the paper informed me) is not the greatest of our troubles. The good news at the dance was that there were no boozers or waste-cases bringing down the party. Good job, kids. Good job, too, to the Saline Safe Schools Events task force for helping keep the dance clean. Now, if I can just clear my head of those images....or bring myself into the 2000's....



Blogger just4roles said...

That is very disturbing, It scares me to think of my children attending these dances in the future. I would think that the staff who control this a little better. Kids in High School do not need to behave in the manner. Sad!

February 10, 2009 at 9:11 AM  
Blogger Mr.Graden said...

The dancing was something that surprised me too. It was interesting that "all" the students danced using the "new" style. I was also surprised when - even with me a few feet away - students didn't seem to feel uncomfortable.

I did notice several were very skilled at texting while they danced....

February 11, 2009 at 7:24 AM  

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