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Monday, February 9, 2009

Green tips..

In light of the post I just added about, I figured I should also post several suggestions for being Green so visitors can get a better idea of what is being talked about and what people can do to help out or be more energy and environmentally conscientious.

At home:
-Turn down heating by a few degrees in winter
-Turn up thermostat by a few degrees in summer
-Replace regular light bulbs with CFL bulbs

-Purchase organic or locally grown produce
-Either reuse paper bags from a previous visit or bring a canvas tote to reduce paper and plastic waste
-Recycle all newspapers, glass, plastic and cardboard in your local recycling center

On the road:
-Keep tires inflated on car so as to reduce gas consumption (this is cheaper for you!)
-Walk or use a bicycle when possible, or use public transportation
-Fill your tank with natural gas, biodiesel or ethanol

-Unplug devices that are not in use, such as phone chargers and DVD players. Even though they are off, they still pull energy, hence the little red light that pops on when it is off
-Turn lights off when they are not needed during the daytime or in vacant rooms
-Install a water filter rather than purchase bottled water, which not only creates added waste but is economically wasteful for many brands


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