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Monday, February 9, 2009

Facebook meets Going Green

Make me sustainable is something new I'm trying. It is essentially a social networking website ( that operates similarly to Facebook. Each member has a profile, friends, groups and a wall for posting updates or comments.

The different is that it is geared toward energy efficiency and environmentally-friendly practices. Signing up requires filling out a survey of sorts that roughly calculates that person's carbon footprint. The same applies for businesses, which can also have profile pages and can sign up on the site to calculate their emissions and carbon outputs.

The goal is to generate a database of information on how much each person and business is putting off and wasting, and to set goals on reduction. I have already reduced my carbon by 0.98 tons.

It is also a useful tool for energy saving and environment-friendly ideas. Not everyone knows how to conserve energy or how the every day actions we go through have an effect. This social networking database has suggestions to behavioral improvement and acts as a community of encouragement for changing things for the better. It is really interesting and already fairly popular within the Ann Arbor area. Try it out and test how Green you really are!


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