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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Results of our recent online polls

Results of our recent online polls:
How do watch newer movies at home:
39 percent: NetFlix or Blockbuster by mail
29 percent: Pay-per-view on cable
23 percent: Traditional movie rentals
10 percent: Watch on premium cable channels

Do you think summer will be:
63 percent: Hotter than normal
25 percent: End much too soon
12 percent: Quite normal
0 percent: Cooler than normal

When mowing the lawn, do you:
78 percent: Do it yourself
11 percent: Get a family member to do it
8 percent: Hire a service
3 percent: Pay a neighbor

How do fireworks figure into your Fourth of July celebration:

47 percent: Neither, not into fireworks
32 percent: Go watch professional fireworks show
13 percent: Some of both
8 percent: Do-it-yourself backyard fireworks



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