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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The excitement builds

As I came into work this morning, the 20' (perhaps?) Labatt Blue bottle in the middle of South Ann Arbor Road was my first indication today was to be no ordinary day.

The bottle is part of the advertising for the Bid for a Cure event taking place at the Brecon Grille in Saline this afternoon.

I walked over a few minutes ago and talked with one of the organizers, Shani Inge, wife of Detroit Tiger Brandon Inge.

She set up an interview with Brandon and I this afternoon (sweet!) and we went over the times for the major happenings.

She told me the Verve Pipe has a pretty loyal following and their show will be a big hit and, of course, the baseball players signing autographs will be a fan favorite.

The event kicks off in about a half-hour, at 11 a.m., and runs until the Brecon Grille closes at 12 a.m.

Come on over, meet some players, listen to some music, eat some food and support a worthy cause.

The picture is of organizers Shani, Corey and Kate.

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