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Sunday, June 6, 2010

A lot of rain, a flooded apartment and a huge headache

The first big seasonal storm of 2010 came through Washtenaw County last night, and left my wife and I with a flooded apartment.

We live in northeast Ann Arbor and were hit fairly hard with rain as many other people in the county were.

While we consider ourselves fortunate not to have seen damage as those in Dundee experienced via a tornado, the standing water ruined all of our carpet, as well as everything sitting on the ground.

Some of our furniture will have to be replaced due to mold concerns, and we already had a crew come by and rip out the carpeting.

It all came to pass when my dog started barking around 1:30 a.m. because he heard our neighbors outside talking loudly. I put my feet down on the floor, directly in to about three inches of standing water.

The next few hours were spent moving everything that wasn't already soaked to higher ground and trying to track down maintenance to get the ball rolling on a solution.

The carpet was removed around 8:30 a.m. after the water had subsided, but the planned equipment to dry the place could not be turned on because the power went out around 9 a.m. (And has yet to be restored)

This presented another big issue because I take a weekly drug that needs to be refrigerated at all times, so we decided to drive to my wife's office to stash the medicine, and some perishable food, in the refrigerator there.

All in all quite a mess.

A positive note in all of this is the way our neighbors have come together to extend help to one another in a trying time.

In all, around 10 apartments were flooded in our complex, and we all pitched in a little to help rectify and save whatever and wherever.

Hopefully we'll straighten the rest out this week.

I didn't like my shoes anyway.

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