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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"When daisies pied, and violets paint the meadows with delight"

I experienced my first Saline Easter last weekend and it was certainly a conglomerate of all the good things spring has to offer.

The weather was warm and sunny on Saturday. So warm in fact, Pete Toarmina was a bit uncomfortable in the Easter Bunny costume he wears each year for the Eggstravaganza event put on by the chamber of commerce. (Of course, we all know he was just filling in for the actual Easter Bunny who simply can't be everywhere at once.)

Because of the heat, Pete was spotted behind the Mickey's Dairy Twist establishment, which he owns with his wife, enjoying one of their critically acclaimed ice cream cones.

The children, out seeking eggs filled with various candies, were able to search without the constraints of winter jackets, which are usually the norm this time of year.

On Sunday, Saline residents could be seen walking out of the various churches around town wearing pastel dresses and colorful ties, and strolling leisurely back home to celebrate Easter dinner with friends and family.

It was a pleasant and extremely memorable span of time, and seems to have truly initiated the spring season. At least in my mind.

So lets hope the traditional April snow has taken the hint and stays up there in Canada.


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