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Friday, February 26, 2010

Results of Recent Web Polls

An update on how our readers responded to our Web poll questions.

What's the first thing you read in your newspaper?
Front Page: 50 percent
Obituaries: 20 percent
Police Briefs: 18 percent
Sports: 11 percent
(44 votes cast)

How often do you travel for vacation?

Twice a year or more: 35 percent
Once a year: 28 percent
Once every few years: 21 percent
Once every couple of years: 16 percent
(80 votes cast)

How often do you eat out a week?
Less than once a week: 36 percent
Three or more times a week: 29 percent
Twice a week: 22 percent
Once a week: 13 percent
(132 votes cast)

What's the key to getting rich?
Hard work: 37 percent
Luck: 22 percent
Ingenuity: 21 percent:
Education: 20 percent
(76 votes cast)

What's your biggest worry in the new year?
Michigan's employment outlook: 38 percent
The nation's economic turnaround: 26 percent
Funding of local schools: 22 percent
The outcome of this November's elections: 13 percent
(76 votes cast)

How should schools address budget constraints?
Reduce staff salaries: 32 percent
Pay to play: 28 percent
Offer more online classes: 22 percent
Cut extracurricular activities: 18 percent
(108 votes cast)

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