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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Work on a farm?

Wayne Clements of the Saline Area Historical Society has set the next two Saturdays, April 18 and April 25 as Work Days at Rentschler Farm Museum. We will be doing any number of chores to spruce things up after the long winter. Wayne will have some cleaning tools on hand, but if you have a favorite broom, etc. please bring it. Individual and family help will be very much appreciated. Park on the farm grounds and check in with Wayne when you arrive. Come any time after 9 a.m. and stay as little or as long as you are able. The SAHS maintains Saline's beautiful historic properties. Come engage yourself in your community, meet interesting people, learn about the city's heritage.

FARM TO DO LIST, Spring 2009

  1. Paint gate next to combine.
  2. Seal Combine.
  3. Repair west gate to Ford Lot.
  4. Jack up Combine and block.
  5. Paint Thresher areas.
  6. Paint trim boards on Ice House.
  7. Paint west end of Rentschler Exhibit Barn.
  8. Remove gutters on Chicken House.
  9. Paint south wall on Chicken House.
  10. Add 19th century signage to Old Barn.
  11. Stain Gazebo.
  12. Locate (install??) another barnyard fence at Salvage Barn.
  13. Paint Scale.
  14. Clean up brush along pasture drive to Ford.
  15. Sweep barn aisles and Exhibit Barn Floors.
  16. Remove cobwebs from barn aisles and windows.
  17. Wash windows all around.
  18. Repair Exhibit signage.
  19. Pressure wash and paint Handicap Ramp with abrasive mix.
  20. Clean up Corn House floor.
  21. Pick up trash along pasture fencerows.
  22. Wash Milk House contents and floor with garden hose.
  23. Oil all door tracks and locks.
  24. Re-organize Old Barn Storage.
  25. Level West Barn entry hill.
  26. Freshen grain in Granary.
  27. Sweep area of Saline Mfg. Exhibit and bring in plow.
  28. Remove storage bin from Lean-to Implement area.
  29. Install and paint lower trim board on Sheep Entry Door.
  30. Sweep Salvage Barn.
  31. Freshen sawdust in Ice House.
  32. Clean 1903 Olds
  33. Paint Windmill Supports gray.
  34. Get equipment running: Allis, John Deere, Golf Cart.
  35. Turn water ON at Sheep Tank.
  36. Freshen Wool Exhibit.
  37. Sweep floor and place chairs in Rentschler Exhibit Barn (#1) for May Fieldtrips and Adobe Education Program.
  38. Repaint hasp on west end of Clements Exhibit Barn (#2).
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