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Thursday, May 21, 2009


I'm wearing a summery dress today and so is my editor and it's really exciting and lovely. Everyone should celebrate. Here's a few ways to get outside and enjoy the weather if you're indoors and at a loss for ideas... you could...

--Make a trip to a local ice cream place, such as Dairy Queen or Mickey's Dairy Twist. Always scrumptious. I like blue raspberry Mr. Misty floats. Best of both worlds.

--Clean that car! And do it yourself! It's decent exercise and it gets you outside, and afterwards you can cruise around and not feel like a bum. It only costs a dollar to clean your car at one of the carport car washes. Or really get some exercise and do it with a sponge in your driveway.

--Take a stroll down Main Street. All the flowers are poppin' and the breeze is nice enough to keep you comfortable. Plus, you might notice a few new local businesses which have sprang up over winter that you never noticed before when driving.

--Buy flowers. They're pretty, and they can lift your spirits, or those of a special someone you give them to. If you're a hardcore green person, I understand that cut flowers are against your religion. In that case, buy a trough and some dirt and some seeds or bulbs and grown your own.

--Go swinging! You know, swinging... on a swing set. The parks are starting to really fill with people and children and spring/summer activities, but enjoy that age-old pastime. But don't jump off from the highest point you can get. You might not be ready to try that again. I know I wasn't.

--Take pictures of a local event you heard about. We're always excited to get photos of the community for our neighbors pages, and you're the perfect person to do it. All you have to do is snap some shots with your digital camera, email them over to us ( or and include the names of the people in the photos. It's easy, and the people performing the activity will really appreciate your leadership.

--Go rollerblading! My roommate is a trainer at Bally's... and after she took one client rollerblading for some outdoor work, they all wanted to go. Just make sure you wear the proper protection, especially if you're likely to fall a lot or have any health risks. (I.E. wrist guards, helmet, knee pads, etc.)

--And of course, check out a local sporting event. It's the final stretch of the high school sports with end-of-season games and district competitions. So check those out while you can. Youth league things are well under way, as well.

Hopefully this will incline some of you to get outside and enjoy the beautiful day. Or at least get you thinking about the great ways in which you can do. Cheerio!


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