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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pitching CARES and sinking fund

I attended my son's third grade music program last night at Pleasant Ridge Elementary. Loved the rain song, the Native American dance, the good ole states song. ("Alabama and Alaska, Arizona...). I was happy to see that the principal, Sheila Light, stood to welcome parents and plug the CARES and sinking fund millage, facing voters next Tues, May 5. Though, I was confused why she didn't tell parents to vote, "yes and yes." She did remind them to vote and read up on the two issues. (See the story I wrote in last week's paper or online at for ALL the details or go to the school Web site for Mr. Graden's plug and blog stuff). At the opening day ceremony for SAYB&S little league baseball Saturday, Graden and Parks and Rec's Sunshine Lambert (does she have the best name ever?) stood in front of families and players to remind voters how important it was that they vote YES on the two ballot measures. CARES grants helped pay for 3 or 4 of the ball fields, Movies in the Park, Rec on the Go and more. CARES funds (that only cost the taxpayer a few hundred bucks a year - a few bucks a day) pay for the senior center, school pool and stage and will hopefully support a new teen center. Some dude standing behind me at the baseball ceremony said, "that's inappropriate for them to bring politics here today." What do you think?



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