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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Catching up after a huge day

While running around the polls yesterday, I met up with politicians pumping hands, youth reaching out to vote for the first time and neighbors brimming with excitement about the change a'comin. Here's a guy who lives in Saline who was voting in his first presidential election Samer Chehadi met Pam Byrnes (who won her seat).

All over town, poll workers were working their star spangled smiles with the heavy turnout. Here, a lovely woman (make that two) was voting in person. No absentee ballot for Myrtle Gorang, age 94. She remembers working in the polls in Rochester when she was younger and was obviously engaged in the process as Debbie Roubal, a long-time poll worker, rewarded her with an "I Voted" sticker. Myrtle's daughter wouldn't say how she voted. (by the way, Starbucks and Ben and Jerry's were giving away freebies to sticker-bearers. Anyone hear of any other good give-aways here in town?)

Missy Caulk and her two adorable daughters supported McCain. Two brothers serve in the forces, but are not stationed in war zones. "I like what McCain would do over there. We don't just want the guys to come back safe, we want them back victorious. Allyssa, left, was voting for her first time. Way to go, gals. They voted in Pittsfield Township.



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