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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Fever!

It's a big big big day all around our nation. Here in Saline, at Precinct 3, the crowds were lined up by 7am. Voters spent about 20 minutes waiting to get to a booth inside the United Methodist Church. Campaigners for Ping and Parkinson, county commissioner candidates shared a table and talked to voters heading from their cars to the front door.
Some voters carried in flyers and newspapers to reference in the booth.
The enthusiasm, optimism and excitement were obvious. Nobody minded the wait.

Greg Endres, pictured here on his bike, has lived in Saline four years and was commuting in to Ann Arbor on his bike after voting.
I took my 11-year old daughter into the "booth" with me and showed her how the system worked.
Poll workers, dressed in red and smiling (it's still early!) were battling a bit with the ballot machine but were processing voters efficiently.
I must say, I felt really proud to be voting today. It's a big big big day. Polls are open till 8pm in the county. Watch our Web site for late-night local results.



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