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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bring on da noise!

Hello, citizens. Your friendly neighborhood sports writer is here to comment on non-sports related things, such as music and concerts.

I recently purchased four Oasis tickets for a December concert as a Christmas gift for my boy-toy. It's ok, he knows, so this isn't breaking news. However, the purchase brought to my attention how few music entertainment options there are in the Saline and Milan area. I'm hoping maybe I'm just out of the loop, but in case I'm not...

I think it's time to stop suckling from the Ann Arbor music scene. Sure, it's hot, interesting and possibly sexy at times. But it might be fun to save on some gas mileage and host some local talent ourselves. The new Saline High School has an a-maz-ing auditorium. I missed playing in it by one lousy year. And I was in wind ensemble, so I would have appreciated it. It's time to lure me to that venue for the first time since my return. The Saline community can do that by livening up Thursdays, Saturdays or possibly Sundays by hosting some great local talent. The Saline Fiddlers are a great option, for one. They're renowned around the country. Or the new and upcoming bands that started in Ann Arbor, such as My Dear Disco (I personally know this band and they're an amazing group that won't be small for long), Nightdaze (started by a Saline grad), or Tally Hall. Plus, these groups have enough of a following that hosting them will bring in visitors from the surrounding area. $$$$ Concert ticket money + food bill from Saline restaurant + positive community reputation = :-)

So, come on Saline. You don't graduate some of the best Michigan musicians for nothing...


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