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Monday, October 20, 2008

It doesn't get much sweeter than this!

My friends, Robin and Steve and Erin over at Benny's have been mixin up more magic and will be frosting through the wee hours for their big CUPCAKE WEEK.

Cupcakes for a Cause is coming to Benny's Bakery October 21-25th. This week, CancerCare has asked bakeries around the country to sell selected cupcakes and donate a portion of sales to the "CancerCare for Kids" program. Benny's has said YES, WE CAN. All money raised will be used to support free counseling services for any child who is affected by a cancer diagnosis--either their own or that of a family member. This will Benny's Bakery's second year participating in this fundraiser. Check out the cupcake page on Benny's site (who knew!!!) to see the variety of cupcakes available. Due to the popularity of this event, Robin Schantz (a very talented artist and froster) would appreciate advanced orders for a dozen or more cupcakes. Cupcakes will be available throughout the week for individual sale and the style and flavor will vary daily. Please help Robin and Steve raise money for this very worthwhile cause! or call the bakery at 734-429-9120 to place an order.
Benny's isn't just for pretzels anymore! Visit them across from The Saline Reporter office on Michigan Ave.



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