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Saturday, September 13, 2008

More tests for our kids?

Get out the Wheaties, mom. There's more testing for our kids this week. Kids get freaked about the MEAPS, hopefully, these won't be so bad. Here's a note from the superintendent:

Beginning September 15th, 2008, Saline Area Schools will begin to administer the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) assessment in grades 2 through 10. More specifically, we will be giving the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) tests. The NWEA MAP assessments are computer adaptive tests. The assessments utilize technology similar to what is found in the GRE and GMAT graduate school level tests. The main purpose of the NWEA is to give teachers, parents, and students an academic performance level for a student and to measure student academic growth over time. For an overview of the MAP assessment, you can find an on-line tutorial at the following link:

Here are the answers to some FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):
1). When will my student be testing?
The first testing window is from September 15th-October 3rd. Subsequent windows will be in late January-early February and early May.
2). Where will my student be testing?
Testing will occur in the computer labs at the individual schools. Heritage students will also be using a computer lab at Liberty School.
3). What will be tested?
Students will be tested in reading, English language arts (language usage), and mathematics.
4). How long are the tests?
Students will take three tests that are approximately an hour long.
5). When will my students receive the results?
Students receive preliminary scores immediately after completing the test. Full reports will be available and sent home with your student at the conclusion of the testing window. Your student's teacher will be discussing your student's NWEA score at parent teacher conferences
6). How accurate are the results?
NWEA has more than three million students involved in their normative study through their 3100 partner school districts in the United States. With such a large sample, the test produces very accurate data about your student.
For more information on the assessment please feel free to visit the following websites:
If you have any questions please contact Dr. Sean Enright, Executive Director of Assessment and Secondary Education at or 429-8015.


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