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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Who are YOU voting for?

Here at the Saline Reporter and Milan News-Leader, we are very interested in covering the upcoming elections and how our readers are voting.

If you have a political sign in your yard, why not fill out the following questionnaire. We will publish your comments, and those of others who are speaking out on behalf of their favored candidates.
We are calling the feature, “Who’s behind the sign?”

Feel free to complete some, most or all of the form and fax it, email me just your answers (noting the number of the question you are commenting on), publish here as a comment or drop it off at our office downtown Saline.

If you would like to email a photo of your family standing behind your sign, please do so: Please send it as an attached jpg.

Please complete (as much as you like) and return: fax to 734-429-3621, email to me at

1. Whose sign is in your yard?
2. Have you had political signs in your yard in the past?
3. For whom/when (if you remember!)
4. What made you put a sign in your yard this year and where did you get the sign?
5.Have you ever been harassed or questioned by neighbors or passers by for putting a sign in your yard?
6. Who else are you endorsing?



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