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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Web Extras!

Hello, Saline! This is my first blog, so I'll just introduce myself real quick. My name is Jana. I'm the new sports writer for the Saline Reporter and Milan News-Leader, which makes me a hip, fun female. I'm stoked to be here.

As some people have already figured out from talking to me, I love sports. All sports. That means I'm making an effort to cover everything I can. Obviously I can't publish everything in the paper, because our pages are limited. However, I do make an effort to at least write up on lots of different things, including (in many cases) club, JV, and freshman teams. If I can't publish something in my section, my solution will be to publish it online instead. The extra stories' headlines will be listed in the upper right or left corner of the sports section. They can be found at They will be listed in with the other online versions of sports articles. Hopefully this will help the community to stay up to speed with more of the sports, rather than just the typical coverage of the popular ones.

Also, I wanted to note that everyone should feel free to donate pictures from meets, games, and tournaments if they have them. I am running around as much as I can to get photographs myself, but my two legs are somewhat limiting. Plus, I met two parents last week who have a bigger camera than mine. That makes me sad. In the future, I may buy a hardcore camera myself. I was once into photography, but I use an old-school film camera as opposed to digital. Perhaps it's time I entered the 21st century. But again, pictures are welcome and make life easier.

So please, by all means, check out the web extras, check out the games going on this week, take pictures, and happy reading!


Blogger Vance Shutes said...


Welcome to Saline! It's great to have such enthusiasm covering our local sports. I look forward to reading your work, both in print and online.

September 4, 2008 at 10:28 AM  

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