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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's About Time ...

It's official now, I have joined the blogging generation.

So here goes something. Or nothing. Depending on your perspective after reading this.

On Sept. 22, I joined the staff of the Milan News-Leader and the Saline Reporter and was reunited with Editor Michelle Rogers, who I'd worked for previously while covering Dexter for The Dexter Leader.

At the time, I'd recently moved back to Michigan and had taken a break from the newspaper biz to become the editor of an international cat magazine. Yes, I got my job through The New York Times. But in moving back to The "Wolverine" State (U-M '80), I decided to get back into the news biz -- as a way to learn about what was happening in my own backyard and to meet new people in the area.

I'd tried to get out of the newspaper biz, I really did. But there is just something about the people you meet as a reporter and the marvelous stories you are trusted to tell. The rush of a news tip that sends me scrambling to find out more. It's the places and faces and events I'm lucky enough to experience each day. There is nothing like it.

And, as I embark on my 20th year as the editor of I Love Cats magazine, I'm proud of the magazine that I produce every other month, but the pride I feel in publishing cat news is different from the rush I experience while being a reporter.

In the last two months, I've meet many people who call Milan their home. Each one has greeted me warmly and has taken the time to explain why Milan is a great place to live. They've indulged me with its history; they've given a newcomer perspective on the city. And, they've spent lots of time giving me directions to and from the places. Smile.

While at the Milan News Leader and the Saline Reporter, I've eaten a hotdog cooked on the engine of a Model T in Milan Township and attempted to interview 3 year olds at the Milan Public Library storytime.

I've experienced Harvest of the Arts in downtown Saline and Harvest on the Farm at Rentschler Farm. I've learned how to make cider at the Pittsfield Grange and visited Crosswinds Marsh in Wayne County with students from Paddock School.

I watched as a new Jehovah's Witness Hall was built by volunteers and was treated to a flaming cheese dish at the new Leo's Coney Island in Pittsfield Township.

I've photographed a blessing of the animals at Holy Faith Church in Lodi Township and learned all about pumpkin growing from the Wells family, also of Lodi Township.

I was amazed at the number of people who turned out for Milan High School's homecoming as well as the number of people who arrived at the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce Business Enterprise awards gala at Stonebridge Country Club.

All in all, it's been a lot of fun.



Blogger Kym said...

Hi Lisa,
"I tried to leave the newspaper business---I really tried!"

Only a fellow reporter can understand those words. You can never really leave the Milan News-Leader/Saline Reporter! Once you're there's no getting out! From lead to story to putting the paper to bed is a labor of love. I'm so glad to have met you and am so grateful that you "get" us out here in Milan. Kym M. : )

October 29, 2008 at 6:58 PM  

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