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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Saline school board poised for another year

I attended the organizational meeting of the Saline school board Tuesday night. The first school board meeting in July is always my favorite of the year. One, it lasts about 15 minutes. Two, few people attend, and that is probably because of three, which is that almost nothing ever happens. The consent agenda for approving bank accounts and law firms and signatories for the next year is about two pages long and generates virtually no debate before it is approved. The calendar of the year's board meetings is okayed. They swear in any new board members, elect officers for the next year, and then everybody goes home.

It's a glorious example of efficiency.

Elected as this year's president was Lisa Slawson. The vice-president, as is common, will be last year's president Trudy Driscoll. The board secretary will be Paul Hynek.

The two new board members are David Friese and David Medley. As is also common, they said nothing at their first meeting other than to recite the oath of office and to vote a few "ayes."

I plugged in the dates of the meetings into my organizer (cell phone, really) and couldn't help but wonder what controversies, debates, and struggles the next year will hold.

The board's organizational meeting is always the calm before the storm.


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