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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Social media in the classroom: a total taboo 6 years ago

I'm not one for inspirational quotes. I don't get inspired by them, they don't do much for me.

But one stuck out to me yesterday while beginning my Monday morning routine of story linking and sharing. It was in a tweet by Saline Area Schools superintendent Scot Graden:

This attitude toward social media is radically different than what many of us are used to in schools even younger people like me. It's incredible to think how the space has changed since I graduated high school in 2006, when MySpace still ruled the market. Educators are now embracing the change instead of rejecting it.

I'm curious how exactly teachers plan to use social media in the classroom. If any of them are reading this, I'd be interested in sharing some of the ways you use it in the classroom.

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