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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

School is o - u - t.

Let the fun begin. School is out, for the students at Saline schools. Yesterday was a half-day (what's up with those, anyways??). Today, it's all about spending the morning in pajamas, ignoring the face of the clock and maybe venturing outside to play. All day. Nice.
For me, it means a more relaxed morning, too. Not having to wake w/ my girls around 6:45 to get them on the bus (though, they are very self-sufficient). It means I'll have to be more organized with my schedule to try to get my interviews in, stories written, photos taken while keeping track of my three kids. It's a bit of a juggling act, as any working mom knows. I'm very lucky to have a wonderful editor, a helpful husband and a teenager with a driver's license. I'm lucky to live in the community where I work, so I can often cover a story or event with my family along for the ride. It's going to be a great summer in Milan and Saline. Outdoor concerts (the first is this Friday, 6:30, downtown Saline), fairs (Milan's starts June 23), festivals (Sportscars to Saline on Sun, June 22) and more. Don't forget the ice cream. My son and I went to the Dairy Barn in Milan yesterday. I had the best-ever Boston cooler. oh la la. Mickey's in Saline has a new flavor - home-made mocha chip. We all gave it the thumbs-up. And, we're big coffee ice cream fans.
Have a great summer. Spend your money and your time in your downtown and engage your family in reading and one another. have fun.


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