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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Circle of Art - Go, don't be a Square

I can't take credit for that headline. But, it's a winner. You MUST Must stop by Saline Picture Frame on Saline-AA Rd to preview the simply amazing works of art (380 at last count) on display and up for auction. The folks there (Sara, Mary and Peter Bowe and crew) have worked their buns off to organize the fourth annual silent auction and party (this Sun., May 18 - noon to 5pm). btw, I was on the Plymouth Salem HS swim team with their sister, Jane Bowe (artist and teacher living in Petoskey -- who will be there on Sunday ("Our Rocks Don't Sink" was our motto. Good times. good times. 1979).

Go to their website ( to check out the paintings, jewelry, sculpture, photographs. They have harnessed the talent of local artists (where did they all come from?? The creativity is staggering) who have donated small-sized works of art. I popped in the other day and felt like a kid in a candy shop. Color, texture, landscapes, drawings, cool stuff. All the proceeds go to Food Gatherers. So, I mean it -- stop in to Saline Pic Frame or, if you're really a good time Charlie, go to the auction Sunday afternoon. The closer to 5pm, the more feverish because people will be hovering over the art they want to win. It's tons of fun. Great people doing great things in our community. See you there. (I'll be the one hovering by Linda Kortesoja Klenczar's work or loitering near Stephen Kerr's cool little 3-D work). Be There. Don't be Square.



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