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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Holiday Activities Abound

Saline and Milan attracted area residents and visitors Saturday as both communities hosted holiday activities. Saline's Christkindlmarket opened early Saturday, bringing in shoppers and the curious, while the Milan Shopping Extravaganza boasted a good turnout for its first year.

While I was at the Christkindlmarket, traffic was a little light around 3 p.m., but it was quite cold and I am sure attendance probably increased near the time of the parade and after. While reporter Sue G. Collins and photographers Hiroshi Onuma and Gaines Collins covered events in Saline, I headed over to Milan after shooting some video of the Christkindlmarket and St. Nicholas, which can be viewed on our Web site. Bob Gorse made a great St. Nicolas and did an excellent job of sharing the history on our video.

In Milan, I interviewed several
local business people involved in the Shopping Extravaganza and then returned for the parade to shoot more video.

The Brownies were adorable dressed in antlers and blinking red noses.

In addition, the Living Nativity scene was a big draw.

I wish we had two video cameras to capture activities at both events, but I chose to cover Milan on video because I knew Hiroshi would get some awesome photos of Saline's parade. It's kind of a trade off, as the camera I had in Milan wasn't capable of taking nighttime photos. Hopefully, both communities will feel they got equal coverage.

I enjoyed myself, but while the snow was a nice touch for the parade, it wasn't good for me as I returned home in my convertible that's not meant for winter driving. I fish-tailed all the way home at 25 mph along Carpenter Road just hoping I would make it unscathed. Luckily, I did, but I learned my lesson. That car is put away for the rest of the winter.

Did you attend these local events? What did you think? What were your experiences? Post your comments.

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Blogger Marie Hogan said...

The Parade was a splendid way to start the Christmas Holidays.

The snow was dazzling- though it turned Saline into a ghost town shortly after.

My hubby and I were suddenly alone, walking in the middle of Michigan Avenue, picking up all the left over candy. It filled my pockets, and santa hat.

Now I've filled my gift bags with the unbroken candy canes.

Felt sorry for the dancers and eagle scouts. Not sure why they didn't wear coats.

Next year, I hope they hand the candy out- instead of throwing it.
Many broken candy canes.

December 17, 2007 at 4:39 AM  

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