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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Passionate positions in frosh football issue and CROP Walk notes

At every turn, during the last four days, folks in Saline have been voicing their opinion on who's to blame for the resignation of the SHS freshman football coaches and linked issues. Seems the moms waiting for their little ballerinas at dance class were all abuzz with questions, comments and "you've gotta be kiddin's." At the bus stop Friday morning, parents wanted the scoop and all were in support of getting these boys back on the gridiron. Parents are feverishly passionate about their children's rights and it's human nature, I think, for people to go batty about their territory, schools and...the rights of All Americans to play football! I say good luck to our elected school board representatives, SAS admin and all the parents who are fighting for what they believe. Monday morning will bring some big news. Check out for breaking news (how's that for a plug!!).

CROP Walk -- a bit over a hundred folks walked the three-mile loop in downtown Saline this afternoon to raise awareness for the hunger issues in our town, our world. My sweet daughter, two pals and an energetic grandfather of one of the girls trekked. There was whining. There was sweat. Luckily, there was also some understanding among these 10-year olds that children in some parts of the worls have to walk three-miles for their drinking water. I think I noticed them all hold their water bottles a little tighter when we were talking about that. Hats off to Sue Burt and her committee for organizing this again this year. Hats off to the church ladies (love those gals) at the Methodist Church who crock potted up some fine sloppy joes, salads and snacks.


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